STUDENT DORM: Pelita Harapan House

Have you ever imagined living in a cozy dormitory surrounded by a green, beautiful, and breezy hill? Pelita Harapan House is just 45 minutes’ drive from Jakarta.

Pelita Harapan House is the student dormitory of SPH Sentul City. Dorm options are available for 5 days or 7 days weekly stays. The dormitory provides a well-balanced life, just a few minutes walk from their classrooms and the amenities of this spacious campus.  The strength and support of the boarding community allow students to grow in ways most of them won’t experience until college.
The community starts with an exceptional team of dorm parents and supervisors who help students help students feel at ‘home’ and support with their homework and studies. Dorm life includes time for fun events at the end of the day helping build friendships and community.

The dorm students’ excellent classroom education extends into the evenings in our residential community. We take great care to assist our students in reaching their full potential in maturity, independence, spirituality, character, social skills, and talent development, while assuring their academic success.

Meet Our Dorm Parents

The Bonnema Family has been at SPH Sentul City since 2017. They enjoy living and working in this great community. PHH also offers a quiet, beautiful place with pool, gym, and other facilities.

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Meet Our Dorm Supervisors

Enyi Zhou (Paul) started serving at PHH in 2019. He was part of dorm communities for many years as a student and now as a supervisor.

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Kathleen Yang has been working at SPH Sentul City since 2019 as a mandarin teacher and also as a dorm supervisor. She has been living in a dorm setting since she was 14 years old, She also served as a dorm supervisor while at university. She enjoy being at PHH because serving the young generation is her calling.

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Samuel Pramudito Tjojudo has  been involved in the dormitory ministry since 2011 at UPH Dormitory and joined PHH at SPH Sentul City in 2017. He loves to coach teenagers and help them prepare to be part of a bigger world.

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Yemima Irdita Wibowo served in UPH dormitory for 2 years, and since 2020 she has been part of PHH. She love to be in the day to day life of students as it gives her the opportunity to share the Word of the Lord with them and watch them grow in knowledge and stature.

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A Once-in-a-lifetime Experience for Your Children to Learn and Grow.

Dormitory students learn discipline, are nurtured and listened to; they participate, and grow academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.


The PHH Dorm is a 3 story building, with 36 rooms that are separated for boys and girls. Students live in ‘suite-style’ rooms with one roommate and suite bathroom. The dormitory has a Family Room, Pantry, Study Room, Student Lounge, Chapel, and Laundry room.

Since it is located on the campus of SPH Sentul City, students are free to enjoy all of the excellent 9 ha facilities: Swimming Pool, Soccer field, Basketball Court (indoor & outdoor), Badminton Court, Gymnasium, Fitness Room, and the Newly Renovated Library.


The staff understands teenagers need healthy, nutritious, and delicious food to support their dynamic lives. Meals are provided 3 times daily; allergy and other dietary needs are accommodated. We provide unique menus each day, and regularly monitor the food vendor’s preparation standards and quality.

Health care

On-campus nursing is provided for all students living in the dormitory. The nurse assists sick students, providing general first aid, and will accompany students for additional medical care if needed. The school doctor is also readily available to provide medical advice and assistance.


Our security team ensure the safety of the dormitory and campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They monitor all in and out access to community members and approved guests.

Typical Weekdays Schedule

06.00-07.00 Morning Routine
07.00-07.25 Breakfast
07.25-15.30 School Time
15.30-18.00 Personal Time/After-school Activities
18.00-19.00 Dinner
19.00-21.00 Study Time
21.00-22.00 Free Time
22.00-06.00 Sleep (gadget-free time)

Dormitory lives

We make sure the students make the most of their after-school time. During school days, they may participate in outdoor activities or rest and relax. After dinner time, study times are supervised to ensure students have guided time for homework and other class-related tasks.

Once a week, students enjoy devotions. They are divided into small groups and led by dorm supervisors to learn more about the Word of God and share about their lives.

Dorm Students don’t want to miss Family Night; every Wednesday the dorm community comes together for special dinners, fun games, and group fellowship.

On weekends students may take advantage of more vigorous activities in the school’s sports facilities or take time to explore their hobbies like cooking & baking.

Special events for the whole PHH community are held regularly and include BBQ, Jump-o-land, Safari, Christmas Celebration, Game Nights, Farewell, and many more.



Student Testimonies

Angelica Z. Thendiana (Grade 11)

She choose SPH SC because this school has a high quality of education and Christian values. She likes and enjoy life at PHH because she can find friends from other places, the awesome supervisors, and great dorm parents (with their kids). Living in the dorm makes her become more independent.

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Jovan L. Soni (Grade 8)

He has been in PHH for 2 years. He choose to live in PHH because he want to be more focused on school and be more independent. He also loves the community that almost feel like a family.

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Leona Rossanariah (Grade 9)

She has been in SPH for 2 and a half years. She learned to be more independent and She could made a lot of friends.

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Parent Testimonies

Juliani Ratnawati & Hendrikus Kangean,
Parents of Gabriella (Gr. 10)

Since August 2019, They decided for Gabriella to stay at PHH because they want her to be able to support herself. They made that decision even though their house is not too far form school.

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Meli Kusuma Dewi & Teguh Hinanto,
Parents of Feodora (Gr. 11)

Considering how far their home is from Sentul, living in the dorm greatly simplifies Feodora going to school. PHH also helps the students to live independently and provides fruitful religious activities.

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