Junior School Musical Drama: A Heart to Change the World

This academic year, the Junior School of Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village performed a musical drama titled “A Heart to Change the World”. The characters in this play demonstrate how a transformed heart helps us extend God’s love to everyone by being compassionate, generous, and thankful to God.

This musical drama involved Junior School students from different grade levels as cast and stage crew members. It also involved various teachers who managed and directed the play, as well as designed the costumes for it. Because the story centers on people from different places around the world, the cast members wore costumes that represented various countries.

Students and their parents, teachers, and staff members really enjoyed “A Heart to Change the World” and were moved by the performance. What was unique about this drama is the clear, biblical message presented and how this story reminds us of our school’s theme this year, Better Together.

May God teach us, as an SPH community, to love God and others more and more, so that we may have the heart to change the world.