Robert Taruna Prakoso

(Class of 2011)

Hi my name is Robert and I graduated from SPH in the year 2011. I went to university in UK, at University of Surrey in Guilford, and studied Economics and Finance.

I just resigned from a firm consultancy firm called PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). I was working there for two years, and now I am back to my family business in commodity sector.

I have big interest in terms of economics, since I am taking Economics and Finance as my major in university. In terms of building impact or building changes to the society, I think I would like to make huge differences to the nation. For example, I think this nation very dependent on commodities for their economic growth. So, I think by understanding more about commodities, I would like to maximize its potential, so in terms of economy we are not in deficit but more in surplus in the future.

I think there are so many people who are already graduated from abroad and they stay there in the country they study in, but they did not realize that Indonesia really needs talent, young labor, because this land is full of opportunity. I know that sometimes, the country gets through all the corruption problem, but this nation is really need younger generation like us who are more capable and with different integrity.

The most meaningful lesson I learn while I was in SPH, that really impacted my life is three core values that SPH offers: True Knowledge, Faith in Christ and Godly Character. At first, once I was in SPH, I was a bit stressed because of these very idealistic values. But when I went to UK, I lived alone, I stayed alone, those three values really played a huge role in my life because there were so many temptations. If you are not close with God, basically you can easily go downhill from there.

SPH is my second home, this is not just a marketing tools, but it is real experience for me all the way since my childhood.

To my juniors, you have to keep your energy high because life is full of challenges and this is just the beginning of your life and while you are in SPH especially in IB, things can get very difficult but keep your energy high. This is just the beginning of the journey. Simply, in the end of the journey, things will be better.

SPH has done a very great, but one thing I would like to suggest, SPH need to build a stronger alumni community, so that we can be all connected.