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SPH Student Presents His Work at the 12th International Symposium on Modern Optics and Its Applications

Posted date : Wed, 03-Jul-2019
Jason Ken Adhinarta, a student from SPH Lippo Village who joined the Applied Science Academy program, presents his science poster at the 12th International Symposium on Modern Optics and Its Applications (ISMOA). ISMOA is a meeting held by the Indonesian Optical Society (InOS). Held at July 1-4, 2019, the 12th ISMOA is organized in collaboration with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science,…

Sayap Ilmu 5th Mission Trip: "Kepakan Sayap, Terbang Tinggi"

Posted date : Mon, 17-Jun-2019
One of the first things I was introduced to as Sayap Ilmu co-leader was our team motto. An emblem of what we believe in as an organisation. Coming into the job I had only thought of it as another thing I had to keep consistent in all our promotional materials, but it wasn’t until I had gone on the trip…

Educating Students to be Global-minded People in Today's Globalized World

Posted date : Tue, 11-Jun-2019
Indonesia is a country that has been shaped by international political currents for centuries and has emerged in the post-colonial era as a global player. Jakarta reflects those international ambitions and astute Indonesians are keen to ensure that the new generation is equipped to engage with the globalized world that they have been born into. Educating a student to be…

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