STUDENT DORM: Pelita Harapan House

Have you ever imagined living in a cozy dormitory surrounded by a green, beautiful, and breezy hill? Pelita Harapan House is just 45 minutes’ drive from Jakarta.

Pelita Harapan House is the student dormitory of SPH Sentul City. Dorm options are available for 5 days or 7 days weekly stays. The dormitory provides a well-balanced life, just a few minutes walk from their classrooms and the amenities of this spacious campus.  The strength and support of the boarding community allow students to grow in ways most of them won’t experience until college.
The community starts with an exceptional team of dorm parents and supervisors who help students help students feel at ‘home’ and support with their homework and studies. Dorm life includes time for fun events at the end of the day helping build friendships and community.

The dorm students’ excellent classroom education extends into the evenings in our residential community. We take great care to assist our students in reaching their full potential in maturity, independence, spirituality, character, social skills, and talent development while assuring their academic success.

Meet Our Dorm Parents

The Bonnema Family has been at SPH Sentul City since 2017. They’ve really enjoyed interacting with the students and learning more about the different areas of Indonesia. PHH has felt like home.

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Meet Our Dorm Supervisors

Enyi Zhou (Paul) – Serving at SPH Sentul City since 2019 as a health teacher and a dorm supervisor, Paul experienced being a part of dorm communities for many years. The dormitory has become his second home.

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Kathleen Yang  Joining SPH Sentul City since 2019 as a mandarin teacher and dorm supervisor, Kathleen experienced living in the dorm since she was 14 years old. She enjoys serving the young generation.

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Samuel Pramudito Tjojudo – Teaching as Bahasa Indonesia teacher and serving as dorm supervisor develop Sam in youth ministry. He loves to coach teenagers and help them prepare to be part of a bigger world.

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Yemima Irdita Wibowo – Previously a teacher at SPH Lippo Village, Yemima has now become a part of the PHH community starting from 2020. She loves to be in the day to day life of students as it gives her the opportunity to share the Word of the Lord with them and watch them grow in knowledge and stature.

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A Once-in-a-lifetime Experience for Your Children to Learn and Grow.