Our Team

Our Team is our most valuable asset. We believe in finding the right person for the right job according to their passion, purpose, and calling. We carefully handpick our lecturers who are not only competent but have a heart for educating our future leaders. We work together and we grow together as a family.

Educational Leadership

Leadership moves the world. That’s why it’s important, why we study it and why we strive to do it well. At its base, leadership is about human beings coming together to accomplish some desired outcome. It guides and facilitates the processes that allow groups of people to attain personal, organizational and societal objectives. Christ called on leaders to serve those who has entrusted to their care. SPH’s leadership is committed to support faculty and staff in the varied aspects of teaching and learning in cross-cultural education.

IB School Head of School International Christian School

Matthew Bryan Mann
Academic Advisor, All Campus

IB School Sentul Head of School Christian International School

Brett Bonnema
Academic Advisor, Sentul City

IB School Lippo Cikarang Christian International School

Helen Schleper
Academic AdvisorLippo Cikarang

IB School Kemang Village Christian International School

Mark Roland Thiessen
Academic Advisor, Kemang Village

IB School Pluit Village Christian International School

Timothy Paul Heading
Academic Advisor, Pluit Village

Sekolah Pelita Harapan Team

Gregg Elmer Thompson
Director of Strategic Innitiative


The SPH’s faculty is known for their innovative teaching methods and research, providing students with the competencies and experiences they need to thrive in the world. Their love for Christ is seen in their care for the students and investment in students’ lives.

We currently have 324 full-time educators from 14 countries around the world. Our faculty and staff have extensive and varied experiences living and working outside of Indonesia and are frequently invited to speak at international conferences and seminars. They are often asked to consult and serve on Advisory Boards for global organizations and schools.

Small classes at SPH promote interactive learning where educator and students are partners in the educational process.

Sekolah Pelita Harapan is committed to provide quality teachers for our students. Below is a listing of our all teachers and their qualifications (Click button below to download).


Alongside our teachers, SPH is grateful for dedicated staff who support the vision and mission of our school. God has brought together an incredible staff to support students, their families and our faculty to the glory of God.

Finance Department

General Affairs Department

Human Resource Department

Information, Communications & Technology Department

Procurement & Vendor Management Department

Public Relations & Promotions Department