Our Vision

True Knowledge, Faith in Christ and Godly Character

Our Mission

Proclaiming the preeminence of Christ and engaging in the redemptive restoration of all things in Him through holistic education

Our vision of True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, and Godly Character sets out our goals for our students – that they may come to understand that all Truth emanates from God the Creator and Sustainer and is to be found ultimately in a relationship with Jesus Christ, His Son, and our Savior. The end result of the acceptance of these truths is the development of godly character as one made in the image of God.

We aim to achieve this goal by focusing on Christ as the preeminent One in God’s plan of redemption in the world’s restoration from its brokenness. We want our students to be people of influence and action in the world, well-equipped to engage positively wherever they may serve.

We are grounded in an Evangelical, Reformed theology that seeks truth wherever it may be found and recognizes that all truth is God’s. The International Baccalaureate and Cambridge programs – within a biblical worldview – allow us to develop mature, thinking students who are committed to life-long learning, able to utilize inquiry to search out the truth.

We enroll people of all faiths. Our faculty and staff are committed to serving families with a quality education in a holistic approach that helps young people develop their God-given potential, equipping them for further study anywhere in the world.

Our History


Sekolah Pelita Harapan schools were founded by two Indonesian businessmen – Johannes Oentoro and James Riady. Their vision was for a network of schools in Indonesia that would transform the nation by raising educational standards at every level of society and, through Christian educators, be used by the Lord to impact Indonesia for His glory. SPH schools work in partnership with dozens of partner schools to serve families across the Indonesian archipelago.

The first SPH school was built in Lippo Village in 1993 and serves as the directing school for the group of five international schools. The Sentul City campus opened in 1994, followed by Cikarang in 1995. Kemang Village opened in 2011 and our newest school, Pluit Village, opened in 2014. A residential program in Sentul City houses up to 70 students in grades 7 and above.

These five SPH schools, located in the Jakarta metropolitan area, Indonesia, led the way in offering Indonesian citizens and expatriate families a top-quality education based on international standards with English as the language of instruction. The campuses are modern, well-resourced, and attractive. Resources include spacious classrooms, science laboratories, libraries, robust Wi-Fi throughout, gymnasiums, music facilities, dance studios, swimming pools, etc.

The faculty is a blend of expatriate and national teachers and are recruited internationally and locally. All teachers are highly qualified, highly relational, and committed to growing in their personal relationship to Jesus Christ. All seek to be used of the Lord as they serve their students in the classroom and beyond.

The schools are a ministry of the Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan – YPPH. Besides the five SPH International Schools, the foundation has almost 60 national schools found in cities throughout the country to provide a Christ-centered western style of education in the Bahasa Indonesia language. Our schools can even be found in the mountainous jungles of Papua where we work alongside evangelical missionaries teaching children about their loving Creator God.

YPPH extends its work in education to the university, graduate and doctoral studies as well, with a Teachers College, an International Teachers College, a prominent university, and a medical college. Beyond the world of education, YPPH partners with medical hospitals throughout Indonesia providing world-class health care. In the remote regions, YPPH establishes schools alongside clinics that serve the health needs of the people in the name of Christ.

Mr. Johanes Oentoro

Mr. James Riady

Sekolah Pelita Harapan is part of Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan education network.
Visit ypph.org to learn more.

Educational Outcomes

Our goal is flourishing students who engage in a lifelong pursuit of truth. We seek to develop students who are curious, collaborative and responsible thinkers. We teach our students to analyze carefully and to make reasoned, ethical decisions. They become ready to succeed in university studies as independent lifelong learners. It is our prayer that all students are grounded in the Gospel with the tools to grow spiritually, able to understand and apply a biblical worldview as faithful Christ-followers. Our students grow as principled and reflective individuals with godly character. They gain a strong sense of integrity and honesty, treating others with respect and dignity. We are committed to teaching students to be able to listen and to express themselves well with confidence. They are able to understand, critique and challenge worldviews and their implications, able to work effectively with others of diverse backgrounds and perspectives while maintaining the integrity of beliefs. We desire to enable students to be hope-filled servant leaders, equipped for lives of action and transformational leadership, pursuing justice, mercy, and peace. They learn to think and act redemptively, treating all people as God’s image-bearers, deserving dignity, courtesy, compassion, and cooperation. We teach them to graciously serve the needs of those around them for the sake of Christ as they live well-rounded, healthy and resilient lives.

IB School Jakarta Christian International School Indonesia

IB School Jakarta Christian International School Indonesia

IB School Jakarta Christian International School Indonesia

IB School Jakarta Christian International School Indonesia

IB School Jakarta Christian International School Indonesia

IB School Jakarta Christian International School Indonesia

School Theme

Each year our school focuses on one aspect of our Vision and Mission statements through an annual theme. We explore our Vision and Mission over an 8-year cycle so that our community understands and undertakes its Christian education purpose with a biblical foundation that drives our every endeavor.

2020/2021 school theme is Made to Thrive, taken from Psalm 92:13

“They are planted in the house of the Lord, they flourish in the courts of our God.” – Psalm 92:13