SPH Lippo Village Students Win the 1st Place in Digimark Business Competition

SPH Lippo Village is excited to announce that two Grade 11 SPH Lippo Village students, Matthew Foo and Brian Mandala, won first place in the Digimark Competition held by Bina Nusantara (Binus) University on Friday, November 30, 2018!

Held on the university’s campus, high school students from various schools throughout Indonesia participated in this competition, which consisted of two rounds. In Round 1, students were to create a marketing plan for the Advan Digital Marketing Campaign. During Round 2, students were given 15 minutes to present their proposal of the Digital Marketing Campaign, which also included prototypes they constructed for the plans.

Upon his reflection of this opportunity, Brian shares his testimony below:

“To put it into perspective, the journey was like sailing through countless rough storms and finally being able to reach the bliss land on the other side at the end. The digimark competition was an experience I will never forget. The competition consists of two parts, writing the report and making a presentation, both equally challenging. Being a team of two and having to deal with school exams, we work hard in finishing the report and presentation to our best capabilities in the short period of time given. Which did cause a few sleep-deprived nights. However, looking back, doing so we were able to grow both as a student, but also as an individual to remain disciplined. 

Carrying on, Digimark competition taught me an abundance of life lessons. Moreover, it is an experience that gave me a better understanding of the business world, from creating a marketing report to pitching the idea in front of professionals. And so, I was able to grow in patience and self-determination because of challenges overcome.

On that note, I would like to say thank you for everyone who encourages and show us guidance throughout the competition because winning would be impossible without them. Furthermore, I would also like to say thank you to my partner for doing the whole journey together with me through both hardships and success. ”

Matthew agrees with Brian.

“The Digimark competition was a memorable and valuable experience for both Brian and Me. I would say that the journey it took to get there was the best part of it all. Brian and I would have never thought that we would be participating in the Digimark competition a month ago, let alone win, and so, we are really grateful to Mrs. Ezmieralda for the encouragement and guidance along the way, also for the friends who support us throughout the journey. Though it was very time consuming and took a lot of effort, even if we didn’t win the experience of giving our best and having that sense of responsibility taught me a lot. Valuable lessons such as, perseverance in the face of adversities like exams, and also, collaboration with each other, in which we have supported each other in our weaknesses and turned it into strength. I hope in the future more students from SPH can participate and share the valuable lessons that have been imparted upon us.”

We are grateful to God that Matthew and Brian successfully achieved first place! We also thank Ibu Ezmieralda Kallista as their Business teacher for her endless support.