2nd Place in Global Research & Consulting Case Competition

Global Research Consulting is a community that was first created among universities in the US with the aim to create a positive social impact through aiding NGOs by providing professional consulting. This year, they branched out to different high schools to provide younger students with consulting experience.

A total of 20 teams from different countries participated in this competition. They were each given a problem and the task to create a solution to the problem. These case studies involved collaborative thinking, cooperation, and hard work from all the members of the team in order to solve a real business case study.

SPH Lippo Village sent two teams—one of which won 2nd place. The winning team members are Nicole Utomo (Gr. 10), Gracelyn Sukandi (Gr. 10), Kimi Salimin (Gr. 10), Angelique Valerie Laju (Gr. 10), Ryan Wangidjaja (Gr. 10), Samantha Subali (Gr. 10), Audrey Kristali (Gr. 9), and Josie Jukita (Gr. 8).