A Once-in-a-Lifetime Learning Experience at SPH Sentul City Student Dormitory

Why bother sending a child to live in a school dormitory, away from parents? Is it not enough for a child to commute to school every day? To send our child to live in a school dormitory, away from parents’ surveillance, is probably a frightening idea for some parents.

There are several reasons why some parents are reluctant to send their child into a school or college dormitory. The main factor is parents’ anxiety about their child. Child development researchers Foster Cline and Jim Fay coined the term “helicopter-parenting”: a tendency to “hover” over children’s lives.

Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D., Director of the Center for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders, explains helicopter parenting as “a style of parenting by parents who focus excessively on their children and keep hovering around them to extend help even for a mundane thing.” [1] Parents with “helicoptering” tendency never let their children face any kind of difficulties and rarely let the children do things by themselves. They also have the urge to intervene in almost every aspect of their children’s life, i.e. in school, friendship, and other activities.

Despite parents’ good intention, this kind of parenting can be disadvantageous for children’s lives. Kate Bayless from Parents.com points out five disadvantages: (1) Decreased confidence and self-esteem, (2) Undeveloped coping skills, (3) Undeveloped life skills, (4) Increased anxiety, and (5) Sense of entitlement (being accustomed to always having their way) [2].

As a remedy from the trap of helicopter parenting, sending your child to a school/college dormitory is one of the best options. Although not always the case, sending your children to a school dormitory can be a lifetime experience for preparing them to grow in maturity and to develop in many areas:

  1. Increased Academic Success: A research from Center for Applied Economics and Policy Research found that living in dormitories could result in improved academic performance. Students living in a dormitory have more proximity, more time to study independently or in-group, and fewer distractions.
  2. Character and Personal Development: Students are trained to have self-awareness about time management and self-discipline. They are responsible for their own studies and daily chores, thus shaping them to be independent persons. Away from their parents, students learn to persevere in facing difficulties and to solve problems they face.
  3. Social Skill Development through Community Engagement: A dormitory is a great place to strengthen the bond between students, where students gain a sense of family[3]. Students also have the chance to learn more about important values such as sharing, tolerance, and mindfulness towards others.
  4. Talents Development and Skill Enhancement: Without having to commute every day from school to home, students may have more chance to participate in after-school activities according to their interests.

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Sentul City provides a school dormitory for students. With a safe, conducive, and convenient environment, the dormitory at SPH Sentul City will give your children a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience.

In addition to the high-quality accommodation facilities, SPH Sentul City students’ dorm also gives opportunities to your children to engage in supportive community, a community that will nurture your children’s spiritual, emotional and mental growth. We provide teachers as Dorm Supervisors who ensure the orderliness of the dorm environment and make sure that the needs of each student are met.

The students’ dormitory at SPH Sentul City can become the second home for your children, giving them a memorable and meaningful learning experience.

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[2] What is Helicopter Parenting? (Parents.com)

[3] Living on campus provides many benefits for students

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