Andari Suherlan

Andari-Suherlan-1(SPH Lippo Village year 2012)

Her experiences, and more importantly, her interactions during her years at SPH taught her valuable life lessons that affect the way she see the world and herself, more so than what MYP and IB has taught her.

Teachers and staff in SPH, family, and friends during the last few critical years of her teen years were the people who guided her through high school and led her to where she is today.

The teachers and staff that she had the privilege of getting to know in the last few years of high school taught her so much about what it’s like to tackle the reality of the world outside the comfort zone or “Christian Bubble” that is SPH.

If there is one word to describe what she learned from them it would be generosity. Their work and service to the community is something she admire greatly.

From classrooms to administration offices and even in the halls, the conversations she had opened up her perspective to hearing people’s own personal stories and struggles. It taught her about diversity even in a community that is so sheltered. Their willingness to share inspired her to respect what people experience inside and outside the Christian community and also what life is like in Indonesia.