Andrew Darmawan

My name is Andrew Darmawan, I’m from the Class of 2010. I graduated in December 2017 from Calvin College, Michigan. Just coming back, I work full time in the Indonesian Solidarity Party of Jakarta branch, serving as the Vice-Treasurer as well as helping out with fundraising for two governor campaigns in West Java and South Sulawesi.


What makes SPH different?

The biblical Christian education is something that SPH has never shied away from and it’s never divorced anything it’s done from that vision. SPH is always started with the ‘why’ with its purpose of proclaiming the preeminence of Christ and engaging in the redemptive restoration of all things in Him. I think that this is what separates any Christian institution that really believes in what it does from other institutions. Yes, we focus on academics; yes, we believe in a good education, the building character is important, but we also understand that competency or doing a lot of things and achieving success without purpose is meaningless.


What is your most memorable experience at SPH?

The most memorable thing that I experienced at SPH has a lot to do with my calling and where I’m working today. And that has to do with, myself coming from English-speaking family. I’m Indonesian but came from English-speaking family. I didn’t really know much about what it means to be an Indonesian and the history of Indonesia. But when I was in the tenth grade, the president of the student council decided on 17th of August (Indonesian Independence Day) to go through all the whole rooms and hand out little red and white ribbons to tie around our wrist. That was the most patriotic thing I’ve ever experienced in my life up to that point, and it really inspired me to think more about what it means to be Indonesian and what it means to serve and come back. SPH always encourage us to come back and serve Indonesia, but I never understood what it meant.


And SPH is really good at integrating it with biblical principles. For example, to understand that as Christians, we’re not focused only on salvation, we’re saved and we just transported to heaven. But moreover, SPH also emphasizes on our purpose in this world today, right now. Because as long as we are in the world, God’s purpose for us is to impact the world in a way that shows the light of Jesus Christ, and that purpose should guide us in whatever we do.