Andrew Mulia

Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village, Class of 2011

Hi! My name is Andrew Mulia and I went to UPH Law School. I am currently working at Baker Mckenzie Indonesia or Hadiputranto Hadinoto & Partners, currently in import and export business.

SPH taught me most about discipline. Overtime you realized that, in a day you only have twenty four hours, everybody else has twenty four hours like you do; but what you do with the twenty four hours what matters. I learn to realize to maximize, especially in college, not be tempted. Most of my friends were going out to hang out. But I take the time to participate in Moot Courts or Debate Competitions, and through those experiences, although when you through the motion, you do not feel anything special, but it compounds, your CV adds up, your credential adds up and your skill adds up. For years passed by, you ahead of all of your peers. You only can do that, by putting in hours, being discipline.

I think the most memorable experience while I was in SPH would be rugby. I played in rugby team. Back then, together with my friend, I have the whole team were very tight. With rugby, we feel untouchable. We beat many schools. We won awards and I think that was something you never get when you get older, as you not as sporty or as fit as before. But back then, it was glorious.

I think for my juniors, they should not think that Indonesia is only a corrupt or hard line Islamics country. That is actually a lot of hope. For me, taking Law School, law in itself is not like a jungle. There is actually a lot of things to be done, corporate law, tax law, import law, financial law, etc. I want to encourage students here to take law for their degree, especially in Indonesia.