Bennett Krisno

A young man who is really fond of planes, decided to pour out his heart’s interest on his Personal Project when he was in grade 10  in the Middle Years Program. He made a mobile hospital, a pilotless plane, which carried medicines.Cooperating with graduated students from ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung)

He took nearly six months to finish this prototype, from brainstorming to designing. He also put a small high resolution camera in the plane to record everything.He got the basic concept when he heard that so many people lost their lives because they cannot get proper medication from a doctor or a hospital. He is now a grade 12 student, seems just like any ordinary student. He is kind, shy, yet has a ready smile and is a friendly student. His father, Ruslan, works as a businessman and his mother, Indriati, is a full-time housewife. Bennett has two siblings, Benitta (grade 10) and Benedicto (grade 8) who are also currently studying at SPH Lippo Village.