Celebrating Unity in Diversity in SPH Lippo Cikarang International Day 2018

Unity in Diversity is a revered principle in Indonesia. Having different nationalities and cultures living together in harmony is a dream worth striving for.

Unity in Diversity does not mean ignoring differences and expecting people to agree with every idea or belief. It does mean allowing different ideas and thoughts to blend into better solutions. The world is becoming increasingly globalized. While peace and unity are celebrated, we see friction all around us.

Before we can impact our society, we must have a change of heart.  The Bible says that from the heart flows all issues. ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.’ (Proverbs 4:23)

God calls unity good in the same way that He calls creation good. ‘Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to live together in unity!’ (Psalm 133:1) If God thinks unity is good, then surely we must strive for unity which is like precious oil poured on Israel’s priests to set them apart as holy to God.

The oil’s ingredients can help us learn about the qualities and attitudes needed to build a spirit of unity. Like myrhh, we must be pure in our thoughts and humble toward others. Like fragrant cinnamon, we must be kind through our words and actions. Like bamboo that adds extra sweetness, we must be loyal. Like cassa, which has strong roots, we must be strongly rooted in trust. Like the olive, which produces oil when pressed, we must stay strong and persevere to maintain unity. This means finding common ground and working through differences even when that is difficult.

Humility, kindness, loyalty, trust and perseverance are fruits of the Holy Spirit. These attitudes are born in us as we make a way for God’s Spirit to work on our hearts, if we are willing.

Do you know Jesus? Jesus makes us pure and teaches us to be humble. Do you pray?  As we pray God makes a way for those traits to be poured into our hearts. Do you read the Bible? In God’s word we discover His purpose for the earth and our place in God’s plan.

Your faith in Jesus, which is heard in your prayers and which grows through obeying God’s word, allows the Spirit of unity to grow in our hearts and flows out to our surroundings like a precious fragrant oil.
By: Mrs. Sunitha Girish (Mother of Rhea Girish, SPH LC Class of 2015)