Donald Santoso

My name is Donald Santoso, Class of 2008. I just recently participated in the Asian Para Games. I was the captain for the national Indonesian wheelchair basketball team. Prior to that, I had about four to five years of experiences playing wheelchair basketball in the States for two organizations over there. Right now, I’m still involved with wheelchair basketball in the organization itself. I am also looking to develop more wheelchair basketball programs on a community level as well as develop the national program to continue competing in international competitions.


What was your most memorable experience at SPH?

It’s going to make me sound like all I do is play basketball, but I think the most memorable experience was within the SPH basketball team and the community. I think if I were to pinpoint one memorable moment within playing basketball here was when I went to Aceh after the tsunami. We did basketball clinics over there with high school basketball teams and then had the opportunity to fly them over to our own tournament.


Any message for current SPH students?

There’s a lot of pressure in the society. Maybe to follow the footsteps of your family or to follow the footsteps of your peers. That kind of pressure is good to keep things competitive. It shouldn’t be seen as negative pressure so it shouldn’t be something that forces you to do something that you don’t want to, forces you to do something that you are not passionate about. I definitely struggle with that. I think a lot of people struggle with that, not just in this school, but any kind of high school students. One word of advice is to find what you love, make your priorities now. How you spend your time now is going to show where you’re passionate in later on.