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Choosing the right university with the right major is easier said than done. High school graduates are often overwhelmed by unending options of universities; not to mention the confusion to pick the right major. To take such a big decision in pursuing further education, a student must be well-prepared and well-guided. The school needs to assist each student in gaining as much as information about which university and what major they want to enroll.

We would like to congratulate the 2017 graduates of SPH Lippo Village who have been accepted into many reputable universities around the world, such as Yale University, Oxford University, Columbia University, Cornell University, University of California Berkeley and much more. This cannot be separated from the role of the school counselor in guiding students to choose their majors and universities.

School counselors are responsible for facilitating students’ career development, which also includes guiding students in choosing university majors according to their interests, passions, and skills and aspiration [1]. We are grateful that school counselors at SPH have given their best effort. One of the students’ difficulties is in determining their college majors, and yet many SPH graduates admit that the school counselors assisted them significantly in choosing their majors and universities. These are some of the testimonies from the graduates:


Adela Jensen
Chinese University of Hong Kong: Integrated Business Administration

“Personally, having a career counselor was extremely helpful as we were informed about application procedures far before university deadlines. In 11th grade, the career counselors were already prepping us with university fairs, university visits and seminars. My career counselor, Ibu Joceline, was also very approachable. I discussed all my dilemmas regarding major and university choices. I felt that talking to someone who understand the ins and outs of university applications would allow me to make the best decision for my future.”

Anastasia Rachel Gunawan
University of California Berkeley: Social Science

“The career counselors at SPH helped me so much, not just in terms of filling in the actual application but with emotional and moral support. They also taught us to be independent, to do things by yourself. I came to SPH in grade 11 so my entire IB Diploma was done in SPH, so I have had to be independent, with a lot self-study, which is what IB teaches you. I think it is a great way to shape a person, especially for entering a university.”

Benita Jenniefer Rosalind
Vassar College: Neuroscience, English and Film

“The career counselor helped me a lot during the process. Basically, I wrote all my essays and gave it to my career counselor in the process and being checked. SPH career counselor first gave me a list of universities that I could be interested in it, but on top of that SPH career counselor also guide me to understand where I might want to go because in the beginning, I was a bit confused. SPH career counselor helps me to narrow down my interest and help me to contact my teachers. Furthermore, the school counselor also gave me some advice to get better, or encouraging me when I feel down.”

James Santosa Kadiman
Wheaton College: Philosophy

“Essentially, if we do not have career counselor in SPH, I think we will not be able to get into the university as we did, because they are very knowledgeable, but also, in essence, they are very helpful in helping us in every step. They are very active followed us up to get the requirements complete. They are telling and giving us good advice to fulfill the university requirements. And also in regards to which university that we go to, not about how prestigious or the best university by ranking, but often what fits with our character. I think it is very important to foster growth character for us.”

Finally, choosing the right major and university are highly related with each of their God-given calling that must be considered seriously. University life also has its own challenges in which the students must be equipped to overcome every challenge and obstacle they will face in the future. With prayer, hard work, a well-prepared university application and directive guidance, we hope the graduates are ready to face a new phase of their life and they shall flourish in university life.

Sekolah Pelita Harapan Class of 2017


[1] School Counseling