The Center of Excellence in Applied Science at SPH: Preparing Students in 21st Century Skills

As we live in an increasingly changing world of science and technology, innovations have become more important. The need of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education has increased throughout time. In InTech Magazine, Francis Eberle pointed out the importance of STEM education in creating the pipeline of future innovators that will move a country forward[1].

Students in the 21st century are trained to develop their capabilities in STEM fields way beyond the traditional approach[2]. UChicago News wrote that the “learning-by-doing” method helps students perform better in science[3].  Science research, projects and exhibitions at school have become preferable methods to provide students with a more direct experience, rather than the traditional theoretical approach.

According to an evaluation from WestEd, a US-based nonprofit agency, students may gain several skills from doing a science project[4]:

  • Scientific investigation: develop an idea, plan and conduct an experiment
  • Project management: manage a project and meet deadlines
  • Scientific analysis: keep a logbook, analyze data, create a chart or graph
  • Communication: write results, create a presentation board, present and discuss results

The survey indicates that a more direct experience with science may foster the 21st century skills that students will need to become future scientists, innovators, employees, managers and even executives[5]. The 21st century skills includes four critical area of development:

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) seeks to enhance students’ learning in applied science to meet the growing interest in science amongst our students. SPH is also aware that Indonesia needs science graduates and innovators to be engaged in the development of the country. Lastly, as a Christian school that promotes a Biblical worldview, SPH believes that applied science can be a means to bring redemptive restoration to many aspects of human lives.

SPH Lippo Village will launch a new program, entitled “Center of Excellence in Applied Science”. Here are some of the details about the program:

  • Students must be fully enrolled in the IB program (MYP or DP) to join this program.
  • Students must meet the criteria relating to proven ability and interest in science.
  • This program will develop strong partnerships with the UPH science research faculty as well as faculty from international institutions. UPH will provide lecturers as students’ mentor.

In addition to that, SPH alongside with UPH holding a Science Expo for the public in two places: Lippo Mall Puri (November 3-5, 2017) and Lippo Mall Kemang (November 24-26, 2017). Collaborating with Eden Steven, SPH Alumnus and founder of Emmerich Education Center, this Science Expo will provide a variety of science experiences, exhibitions and explorations for all age. Learning science can be fun and exciting!




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