Ivan Gozali

(Class of 2004) 

I went to University of Arkansas in US and studied finance, management and psychology. In the past eight years, I have been doing business strategy and consulting, mostly in manufacturing and financial services.  

I had privilege to train about twenty different analists and a lot of emerges fresh graduates, and I started when I was a fresh graduate myself, only having two years of experience. But, I think that is one of the way we impact the world, for me at least training people, hopefully making disciple of all nations as we were called to. 

I think the biggest take away for me when I was in SPH, is you need to think. The world today and this is one of my biggest concern in life too, a lot of people are very satisfy to just follow around, they do not really want to think for themselves, even when they do, they do not really have solid enough paradigm to differentiate between absolute truth and relative truths. And I guess, the world as we see it, is more converging towards relativity, where absolute truth actually viewed as immoral. So I think, one of the biggest take away for me from SPH that they taught me how to think. To think for myself yes, but also to help others and guide others actually to think about themselves as well. 

I like to laugh and when I was here, we laugh a lot. One of the most life changing moments in my life, I think it is going to be witnessing my friends’ life being changed by the people who are actually serve here, whether the staff, teachers, or students themselves. Watching lives change, to me, it is so much pf rarity today. It is a miracle. And I have seen changes come over night, and I have seen people who take three, four, or five years to actually change but that is the transformation of the heart. Seeing my friend, I care about actually becoming better people and the follower of Christ and actually being shaped into men and women who have value in society instead of being lost in their selfishness or in someone else selfishness. I think it was absolutely the most memorable experiences I had around here. 

I think SPH’s leaders tried to do revolutionary things in education and my class was one of the first class which ditched EBTANAS at that time and we went for the IB, and we were one the first IB school in Indonesia, in fact we are the first. I just want to say, just keep going because I think you made big difference, as hard as it gets difficult, as much as we do not see differences over time, I see it, we see it, a lot of students that come out of here see it. I think you have good vision, for not only just the school itself, but I think in a lot ways you have changed the education system here in the country. All I can say is keep going, it is a good vision and mission and I think, you are bound to be making more differences in this country.  

For my juniors, enjoy your time here. I think wherever you go after this, whether it is here in Jakarta or halfway around the world like in US or in UK, this is the place where you can really safely enjoy life in essence, because here you get to explore passion, personalities, explore people, facilities, sports, safely. It is not all dangerous world out there but when you start here, it is a good foundation, and honestly, life only gets busier from here. So, while you have the time, enjoy it, talk to people, get to know people, explore yourself, uses time well. Enjoy it!