Janice Kathryn Utomo

My name is Janice Kathryn Utomo, and I am going to be attending the University of Pennsylvania this fall and my major is business.


How did your learning experience at SPH shape your way of thinking of the world or about yourself?

Learning in SPH opened up a new perspective towards our seemingly perfect world. I realized that Indonesia alone is filled with so many problems, be it poverty or corruption. In one of the clubs which was the hope’s medical mission trip, I was exposed to how bad the healthcare system in Indonesia was. These social problems opened up my eyes to the real world. I have always known that I always wanted to pursue entrepreneurship as a future career path, but now I am more interested in social entrepreneurship, how I can use my passion for business as a bridge to solve social problems in the world, particularly in Indonesia.


How did the school counselor help you finding your passion or future career goals?

Ibu Angeline was my school counselor, and she was very helpful in helping me pick out my universities. Since I knew I wanted a major in business, she helped me shortlist my schools, she read over my personal statement a bazillion times, she gave me countless encouragement when I was super stressed with IB, and was literally there for me until like 7 pm one of the times after school. She’s the best.


How do you see the school community supported you in facing all the challenges in the IB DP?

One of the best things about SPH is definitely the community. I’ve met some of the greatest teachers and friends here. Teachers have truly showed their care for me, not only as an academic student but as everything about me as a person. I spent lunchtimes and after schools in my teachers’ rooms. Some teachers stayed hours past 3 pm just to help me with a problem I can’t solve for a test or an essay thesis I struggled to write. But sometimes I also stay for insightful conversations about life and its purpose. These conversations were truly what developed me as a person. I am continually challenged to find my purpose in life and think about how I can make a change by these conversations. I’ve also made many lifelong friendships here. My friends here have been so supportive in everything I do. I remember walking to Maxxboxx one day to study and I randomly met some other people from my grade. Although I am not too close to them, we ended up studying biology together. People would randomly offer a hand to help and make study guides to help their peers. I am not sure the community in university can beat such a tight knit community and the supportive bond I found here.


How did you also develop spiritually at SPH?

I was a part of the chapel band in SPH and through this band I have met some people that are definitely my spiritual mentors they live their faith through their actions they help out their friends when they are in need and they will talk about spirituality doubting it with the purpose of understanding it deeper. I was a part of another group which was the prayer group at one point in SPH and all these clubs really pushed me to think about spirituality and continue to question it so that I can better understand it.


What thing that you will remember the most from SPH?

I will remember it as my second home as the place where I have grown the past 13 years of my life. SPH is also the place where I developed many interests, namely music, sports and business, and last but not least, the place where I’ve met some of my best friends of time.


All of you are future agents of change. How do you see yourself in the future and what will you do to make a difference?

I hope to see myself returning to Indonesia after university. I hope to become a part of some sort of startup that tackles a social problems in Indonesia.