Lauryn Vania

For those of you who are passionate about music and aspire to pursue your career in music (especially Classical music), you should go for it! One of our Class of 2018 alumni, Lauryn Vania, is currently attending Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in Music (minor in Film). She shared how many people think that taking Classical Music as your major will limit your career opportunities. Aside from that, due to her excellent qualifications, Lauryn also was awarded HKSAR Belt and Road Scholarship Indonesia last year. We hope that this can inspire many future musicians at SPH LV!


The reason I choose to study music is that I love it, there’s no other reason why. The type of music that I specifically want to pursue is film music because I think it’s very wonderful that music can make a movie go alive. I think pursuing music as a career has always been something that a lot of people doubt because people tend to see music as a field that does not give many career options. Today, however, music is highly important and there are a lot of career opportunities from music, for example, film scoring and there are so many other options such as musical performance, composition, teaching, etc.

I chose to study at SPH for my high school years because SPH was one of the few schools in Indonesia that has a music major. In IB music, I learn how to perform by performing many recitals with my friends among in front of my other friends and my teachers, and then we had to do composition so that was good practice too. We also get to learn a lot of music history which I think helped me very well, and it provided me with sufficient knowledge because in university I did not have a lot of problems when I did my western music history, thanks to the most of the things I’ve learned in IB music already.

Regardless of your musical background, I do think that music and any other form of art should not be abandoned because it is never boring or useless. In music you don’t just pick one job, you can do multiple things at once, for example, the Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa is a conductor, pianist, and also a teacher.

I don’t think your life gets boring by doing music because it’s different every day. So for me, why would I abandon something that will color my life and also give me a lot of career opportunities?