Maintaining Eye Health during Home Learning: Health Talk by SPH and Siloam Hospital Lippo Cikarang

The discussion about eye health has been gaining more popularity these days as almost every child in the world has to study remotely from their homes. Home learning means more time spent in front of the screen, whether it is through laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Many studies – even way before the pandemic – have shown that staring in front of a screen for a long period of time can be detrimental to our eye health. Digital Eye Strain is one of the phenomena that occurs when our eyes are exhausted due to a long exposure of the blue light from our screens.

To answer this emerging issue, SPH Lippo Cikarang collaborates with Siloam Hospital Lippo Cikarang to hold a health talk on the topic of “Maintaining Eye Health during Home Learning”. The health talk took place via Instagram Live on November 25, 2020, with Dr. Marjasa D. Dicky from Siloam Hospital as the speaker and Ibu Sisca (HRD of SPH Lippo Cikarang) as the moderator. The health talk attracted many parents to join, both from the SPH community and outside the SPH community. We could see their enthusiasm by asking questions regarding their children’s eye health.

In the health talk, Dr. Dicky highlighted the importance of duration. The key to maintain eye health is not to ditch gadgets, but to be mindful about the duration of gadget usage. Taking a break between online learning sessions is the key. During our break times, Dr. Dicky suggests us to relax our eyes by looking at an object far away from us, around 5-6 feet (around 2 meters).

Eye health is important for all of us, from children to adults. Let us be more mindful to take care of our eyes, especially during this pandemic where we spend more and more time in front of our screen. We are thankful for this very practical and beneficial health talk!

Besides this health talk, SPH Lippo Cikarang has also collaborated with Siloam Hospital Lippo Cikarang & Bekasi Timur to hold other health talks. On November 19, SPH Lippo Cikarang held a pet talk titled “Basic Knowledge of Raising Pets” and the next day about children’s tonsil health. SPH Lippo Cikarang will continue to collaborate with Siloam Hospitals to provide beneficial health talks not only for SPH community but also for everyone to join.

Watch the IG Live Recording here: