Matthew Joesoep

Matthew is a graduating Class of 2019 alumnus who was the recipient of last year’s Virna Tumengkol award, a prestigious award for SPH student who shows the quality of servant leadership and the fruits of the Spirit. He was also the President of the Senior School Student Council.


My name is Matthew Angelo Fernandez Joesoep. I graduated from SPH as a part of the Class of 2019. For university, I’m going to Emory University which is in Atlanta, and I’m planning to major in economics and mathematics.

I think being president of the student council was a different challenge compared to all the previous leadership positions I had the privilege to have. It taught me a lot about how the spiritual aspect of leadership became super important, especially in balancing the role of being the student council president with being a good student at school. I also learned to apply servant leadership by having a clear vision, cooperating well with my teammates, and leading to serve, not to be served.

I had the privilege of receiving the Virna Tumengkol Award last year. The Virna Tumengkol Award is an award that rewards student who demonstrates servant leadership and showcases the fruits of the spirit. This is something that I honestly didn’t expect, therefore, to receive it made me feel honored and fulfilled although it wasn’t my goal of being a student council president in the first place.

In terms of my experience at SPH, I will focus on two things. First, this school has an awesome community, and I hope this doesn’t change even after I’ve left SPH. The community is very welcoming and makes SPH like your second home. The SPH community is always there for you, but honestly, it’s really up to the individual student to take advantage of it. For me, the best part is when you can just walk up to almost anyone, have a nice conversation, get to know them and to make friends with people from other grades. I feel like only in SPH where there isn’t as much of a barrier between upperclassmen or underclassmen.

The other thing, I would focus on is the extracurricular opportunities. I joined different sports teams which helped me become more fit as from when I came into SPH. I also joined different clubs such as the “Speak Up” club, a club that allowed me to develop my public speaking skills. Reaching out to those opportunities in SPH and taking advantage of them were very much rewarding since there are so many resources that you even didn’t know existed if you didn’t try to look for them. All of these things made me feel that SPH is a great place and I am grateful for having the privilege to be part of this school.