Melvin Hade

Melvin Hade is an SPH Sentul City alumnus who graduated in 2013. This year, Melvin Hade was on the list of Forbes “30 Under 30” as a young, aspiring venture capitalist at Global Founders Capital. Let us hear more about his inspiring story and how his experience at SPH has left an impact on his life.

Could you please tell us more about your educational background and your current career position?

I attended the University of Indonesia, majoring in Economics. Today I am a Partner at Global Founders Capital or GFC, a billion-dollar venture capital fund, investing in early-stage companies across the world: from the United States, Latin America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. We invest and provide capital to early-stage companies, supporting them in becoming world-class businesses by leveraging our expertise and know-how. We have supported transformational companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Traveloka, and many other successful global companies.

Today at Global Founders Capital or GFC, we are at the forefront of supporting gifted entrepreneurs in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, helping them build durable businesses in Indonesia and beyond. We do this by providing capital to early-stage companies in different sectors such as e-Commerce, Tech-enabled property business, FinTech companies, and new consumer brands.  We have a total of more than 15 portfolio companies across Southeast Asia of which 9 are based here in Indonesia.

What was the highlight of your experience studying at SPH Sentul City? How did it help shape you into who you are today?

I see myself as a true product of SPH because I spent all 12 years of my K-12 education at SPH Sentul City, from grade 1 through grade 12. Overall, SPH became an integral part of my life. SPH had a significant role in shaping me as a person, my philosophies, my values, and my dreams. I completely enjoyed the learning experiences at SPH due to the great teachers and staff, the best school facilities, and the vibrant community surrounding my learning. The IB curriculum especially prepared me very well for my university. I was able to complete my bachelor’s degree at the University of Indonesia in 3.5 years, graduating with Cum Laude honors and the Highest GPA Award. This would not have been possible without going through the IB courses. My university studies, the subjects, and topics required me to learn and think similarly to how the IB courses at SPH Sentul City made me apply what I was learning.

SPH is known for its Christian education and its emphasis on Christian values, how has this impacted you?

The embedded Christian values in my SPH education affects me in 3 ways. The first is throughout the journey; my Christian values teach me to persevere and stay content in very difficult times in my life. My life has not always gone smoothly, including my career journey and so as I go through difficult times, I lean on God and my faith, rather than taking negative actions or worse. This is very important because life is a gift, but life can also be difficult. Therefore, I always have a mindset that whatever happens, happens for a reason and God knows a lot better than myself, hence the life that was given to me by God. This is point number 1 on how the Christian values help shaped me as a person and my journey.

The second aspect is around my dream and mission in life. The Christian values embedded in my mindset, enable me to set my life goal and dreams in line with my Christian values. More importantly, my way of achieving my goals and dreams should also be in line with my Christian values. In short, it’s about aligning my life goal and objectives with Christ and Christian values.

The last impact, and a more practical one, is from the knowledge that I learned about Christ, the Bible, Christianity as a religion, biblical history and what it means to be a human being. As a student, I always loved our Biblical Studies classes. I still remember very clearly Mr. Scott Rigenbach, my Biblical Studies teacher. I loved his lectures and sessions because they were super insightful for me to understand more about Christ, Christianity, and us as human beings. The most favorite questions that we answered in this class were “Who is Man?”, “Why am I here in this world?” and, “Who is God?”. These were thought-provoking questions. At the time I didn’t realize how very insightful and impactful they would be for me as a person. So the bottom line for my third reason, the ability to pursue and obtain knowledge about Christ, Christianity, and being human in this world shaped me as a person as well as my purpose.