Michelle Vanny Lim

Hello, my name is Michelle Vanny Lim, I am a graduate of Class of 2018 and I will be studying in the University of Warwick, United Kingdoms on Economics, Politics and International Studies.

What values that you learn the most at SPH?

The values here at SPH had definitely shaped my character, not only that, but also shaped the way I think and approach things. In SPH, they taught you not just to believe, but also why to believe. Those are fundamental things that shape the way you think and prepare you for life outside of school. I think that is what I really like about SPH, because it really prepares you for the future.

What makes SPH different?

At SPH, it is not just about curriculum, academics, but it is also about participating in the community. We do not have to wait to be leaders, because at SPH we can be leaders today. We can make real, simultaneous changes in our community if we work together and deliver our passion.

Any message for current SPH students?

School is only a part of life, therefore do not only contribute in the students’ body, but remember to contribute to the community as well. Not just academics, but pay attention also to non-academic skills, your soft skills, because that will get you far later on in your career. And also, remember the community that you’re being brought up in. Remember your teachers, parents and family. Because those who shaped you the way you are now.