Mochtar Riady Special Talk-show with SPH Lippo Village Grade 6 Students

The Chairman and Founder of Lippo Group, Mr. Mochtar Riady, visited Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Lippo Village to have a special talk show with grade 6 students on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. In this special talk show, Mochtar shared his life experience to inspire students. Students were also allowed to ask questions.

Mochtar recounted on his life journey from his difficult childhood life until he became what he is now. He shared his “recipe” for a successful life: to have a frugal lifestyle, to be a hard worker person since young age and to initiate change that can improve others’ lives. Success is not merely to accumulate wealth for oneself, but to build up others and be a blessing to many.

“The most important thing is to gain knowledge and understand how to use that knowledge. Afterwards, that knowledge must be used to be a benefit for many people. The purpose of education is not to gain knowledge in order to accumulate wealth for yourself,” he said.

Mr. Mochtar has been a great example of how he contributed to the improvement of Indonesians’ life quality in several areas, such as education and healthcare. He stated that one of the main problems of our country is the lack of access towards good quality healthcare, thus, he founded the PT Siloam Internationals Hospital under Lippo Group in 1996. Even further, he also founded the Mochtar Riady Institue of Nanotechnology (MRIC) in 2006 as a non-profit organization committed to improve the understanding and control of cancer in Indonesia.

In his interview, Mochtar also mentioned about Lippo Group’s dedication towards the advancement of education in this country.

“I feel very grateful that my children, alongside with my daughter-in-law, have such dedication for national education. As we all know that education is not only to produce intelligence or skill, but also to shape one’s morality. A smart man without a good morality will not be useful for the society. The society needs smart, intelligent people who are also dedicated for the improvement of society. We hope that SPH can produce such people,” he added.

This talk-show is conducted to prepare Grade 6 students as they embark on their personal projects in the upcoming PYP Exhibition. We hope that through this inspiring talk show, students may be inspired to find their personal calling that will improve the life of Indonesian people in the future.