Nathaniel Gray

(Class of 2009)

Hi my name is Gray Sutanto and I graduated from SPH on 2009. I went to Biola University for Undergraduate Degree, I did Philosophy and Biblical Studies double major, and then I went to Westminster Seminary for Master Degree in Religion and I did my Phd. in University in Edinburgh, in Theology as well.  

I work as elder in Covenant City Church here in Jakarta, but I also work part time as online faculty member of Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia. 

How I influence the society through my calling? Well, I write academically, been published by a lot of academic journals. Currently I am an editor for a few Dutch classical works that they are publishing as well, all English and Dutch publications. I also preach and teach in our church, and I teach a lot of classes, Sunday morning as well. This classes take people not only through the Bible and deeper grasp of Bible, but also about church history and how we have the kind of Christianity, especially Reformed theology that we see today. 

I think the dire need of Christianity is to really flourish here and the dire need of deeper ministry specialist in the Bible that actually take us through the whole counsel of God and he history of the Christian Church. So that, Indonesia could be more grounded in their faith, not merely seeing the ministry as a plan B or something you do on the side, but a ministry, that is deep and rooted and everything that Christianity should stand for. So that is why I want to come back, because of this need. 

I think the relationship I formed here was keep part of me. I was not a Christian for most of my time here in SPH. But it was because of teachers and principals that really took their time and sought me out even though I was rebellious. God use that to change my heart. Relationship here absolutely important. If I have to tell to people why they have to go to SPH, take the time not merely in your classes or in the activities but also in the relation your form with your teachers and principals. 

For my juniors, do not waste your time here, really form relationship, get deeper understanding of your classes and integrate the whole and put Christ as the center. Life is by grace not by works.