Once Again, SPH Students Achieved Remarkable Results in the Online World Schools Debating Championship 2020

Cassia Tandiono (SPH Kemang Village) and Judah Purwanto (SPH Lippo Village) from the Class of 2020, competed in the Indonesian debate team in the World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) 2020, a global competition for national high school debate teams. This year, OWSDC was held from July 17 to August 2, 2020, in Mexico through an online platform due to the current pandemic. Indonesian team has to compete against 68 other countries and approximately 140 debaters through an online platform. Cassia and Judah’s team finished the first round in the Partial Double Octofinals and came out as the 5th Best Team.

Cassia has once again been recognized as a prolific debater in her 3rd WSDC. Last year, Judah was an observer in WSDC 2019 and now, he has demonstrated his excellent debating skills through his achievement as the Top 5 ESL Best Speaker and Top 10 Open Best Speaker in OWSDC 2020.

“We have done multiple preparations since February. We trained every week, often for 5 days in a row, and we also have undergone training and online sparring with the national teams and teams from various Indonesian Universities. We were thankful to be coached by the teams from Puspresnas, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. We didn’t get to meet with participants from the other countries directly, but everyone was still excited to get to know each other even through these online platforms,” Judah stated in an interview with Metro TV’s Selamat Pagi Indonesia.

Achievement for the Best Speaker title in ESL and Open categories is the first for the Indonesian team. You may read more about their journey from these sources below:

Judah’s interview in Selamat Pagi Indonesia can also be seen here: