Rachel Ho

Rachel Ho graduated high school in 2009 from SPH Lippo Village. She then went on to study at the University of Melbourne and currently works as a principal for an international executive search firm where she selects c-suite and senior executive leaders for multinational companies and start-ups in Indonesia. She also works as an executive council member for the reform center for religion and society. Her work has taken her around the world; from Australia to Germany, the UK, and Singapore, ultimately returning to Indonesia in 2015.

Her experience at SPH has given her important skills and experiences which have stayed with her until today. “SPH really helped me to ask important questions that other teachers in the past were not willing to help me answer or were scared of hearing me ask. I think that’s really helping me to become a very open-minded person and to explore a lot of different things in my life . . . after 10 years, I still very much remember all my teachers and I remember the lessons that they taught me. I remember the education and also the tough love they gave me and because they weren’t just teaching me facts, they were helping me to become a more holistic person, still, I’m very grateful to them to this day.”

Rachel shares that the SPH community “was very good at encouraging Christian compassion”. The community invites their students to find solutions to problems, as that “kind of initiative is highly valued”.  In every aspect of learning from “the books that we read” and “the lessons that we learn in history, there’s always an element thereof Christian mercy, Christian compassion and remembering that God loves us”. At SPH, students develop the ability to ask questions which helps them develop their faith. For Rachel, this enabled her to ask the right questions while searching and learning more about Christianity before finding herself as a Christian. The teachers also modeled the Christian faith, living it out in their own lives and sharing compassion and understanding with the students.

To current students at SPH, Rachel shares the following advice: “My advice is to not be afraid to make mistakes. I think you go into the school and you have the IB in mind but you might lose sight of the fact that you’re being given an opportunity to explore so many different things and to fail in a situation that is very safe. So try as many things as you can! Don’t be afraid of failing and loss especially try in the direction of things that you can do for other people. People in SPH are some of the most privileged people in all of Jakarta and all of Indonesia, and you need to use that for other people. So the more that you explore, the more that you’re willing to take chances for the good of other people. I think that will be the kind of person you’re going to be really proud of becoming.”