Raindy Blessidio Lee


I am Raindy Lee I’m the class of 2018 and right now I am going to go to Bentley University in Boston to take finance or economics-finance as my major.

How did your learning experience at SPH shape your way of thinking of the world or about yourself?

At SPH I learned everything holistically, not just one outcome such as academically or spiritually but a whole sum of different things. My life goals in this case are just a sum of that: different experiences that I have with friends with teachers all of them help me understand what it means to live and experience different things in life in the future where a job and family and so on. My life goals are not centered around one outcome but across a whole different outcomes that I know will benefit me in many different ways later on.


How did the school counselor help you finding your passion or future career goals?

My school counselor helps me by making sure that I know what I want to do later on. Not only just knowing what I want to do right now, but also thinking about the future. It’s hard to think about these things when I’m still a teenager, but with the school counselor’s guidance I can know different things that they have already experienced and use that experience to make my decisions even better.


How do you see the school community supported you in facing all the challenges in the IBDP?

At school not only do the teachers help me to go through all of my tasks well, such as managing deadlines, but also the friends that I make support me in everything I do. Studying together makes this whole IB DP process less stressful and less demanding.


How did you also develop spiritually at SPH?

At SPH I think one of the big benefits is having a Christian background, so things like chapel and even homeroom devotions help me to take a break studying or academics, and just let me reflect on what I do and how it really matches with what the Bible says or the Christian values.


What thing that you will remember the most from SPH?

The biggest thing that I will remember form SPH is the community that I found here. It is a very supportive community where I can be myself and yet learn at the same time it’s a place where I can have healthy competition, support each other and also learn from each other.


All of you are future agents of change. How do you see yourself in the future and what will you do to make a difference?

For me, thinking about the future always hinges on what we learn in the past, so in the future, maybe I can return back to Indonesia to help improve the problems that I see every day in my life right now. Being here in SPH and learning different experiences from my friends helps me to know what I can do to improve our community and be agents of change that will positively impact the people around us for the future and the generations to go.