Ray Santoso

Ray Santoso has just recently graduated from SPH Lippo Village as a Class of 2020 graduate. He is passionate about baseball and has proved himself as a young, aspiring baseball athlete in Indonesia. Read his journey as a student-athlete.

My first memories in life are of baseball. I remember my older brother and sister throwing the small, white ball and catching the ball with such enthusiasm and enjoyment. I admired their bravery, since to my 5-year-old self, it seemed so scary to play. The first time I picked up the ball, I couldn’t imagine the bruises and pains that I would get if this small but hard ball hit me. However, the first time my arm threw that ball to my brother, I knew that I was born to be on a diamond field. As I kept practicing baseball, my coach said that I had a natural instinct and a talent for baseball. Since my parents were very supportive of my siblings’ and my baseball interests, they too invested a lot of their time and effort into helping us grow to be better athletes. Now we’ve become a family that works together to celebrate the victories and supports each other through the losses.

Baseball has also brought me to many different tournaments, both nationally and internationally. The domestic tournaments have helped me to connect with many other Indonesian baseball players and coaches. Similarly, playing at an international level has taken me to places with different approaches to baseball. Teams from countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Korea have so much skill and talent. I have been impressed with the way they played, and watching them has helped me improve my own technique. During many tournaments I have often been lucky enough to be noticed. I have been awarded individual honors such as best pitcher, best hitter, player of the match, and MVP. Recently, I was blessed enough to be chosen to represent the Indonesian baseball team in the Southeast Asian games (30th SEA GAMES). Through all the achievements that I never thought I could’ve attained, it has become my primary motivation to keep getting better.

Furthermore as a student in SPH Lippo village, the facilities and the education provided has helped me to become a well-rounded student-athlete. With the variety of sports that SPH has, such as badminton, volleyball, basketball, rugby, soccer, swimming, and track and field, I feel that I have been encouraged to become a better athlete in many areas. By participating in different sports at school, it has also taught me a variety of character attributes, such as sportsmanship, never giving up, working together, humbleness, and leadership skills. Therefore, I am very thankful to SPH and all my fellow teammates and classmates. They have certainly helped me to become the athlete I am today.