Science Academy Exhibition
When : 26 April 2019
Location : SPH Lippo Village, Room K401
Contact : | +62 21 546 0234
RSVP for Curated Exhibition:

Time : 2pm - 4pm

Reception & Opening

15 April 2019 | 2pm-4pm
Room K401, SPH Lippo Village

Guest Speaker
Mr. Tommy Tjiptadjaja, MBA.
Co-Founder & CEO of Greenhope

Distinguished Scientist
Dr. Eng. Deni Shidqi Khaerudini
LIPI Fuel Cell Research Scientist

Open Exhibition

16-26 April 2019* | 7am-3pm
Senior Library, SPH Lippo Village

*Close during the national holiday

Curated Exhibition

16-26 April 2019* | 12pm-2pm
Senior Library, SPH Lippo Village

Meet the program director & student scientist


From the desk of the program director

I have witnessed the incredible talents of students beyond any expectation coming from grade 10, 11, and 12 students in the Applied Science Academy. Some of the results and innovation that will be presented in the exhibition is highly original, out-of-the-box, and very high-quality that we are preparing for international scientific publication. For example:

  1. One student works on silk-protein based healing patch that is infused local plant extract that can self-conform to wounds with strong antimicrobial and active ingredient retention properties.
  2. Another student isolated and identified bacteria from Kimchi and discover its potential application to prevent blood clotting.
  3. A student in the robotics research fields developed an eye tracking system that would allow robotic arms to pick up objects using eye movement.
  4. Another student is studying a crystal that absorbs light and found a way to store this light energy in a long-term fashion. The study is performed using his custom-built and custom-programmed sensors, controllers, and data recording that can auto-analyze thousands of curves all at once. This result will also be presented in an upcoming international scientific conference in modern optics.
  5. A student with a passion for bio-friendly plastics developed a plastic film based on starch and performed detailed analysis and optimization to improve the performance of biodegradable plastics.

Come and witness for yourself the incredible students and celebrate what they have accomplished so far.

Dr. Eden Steven
SPH Center of Excellence: Applied Science Academy, Program Director

About SPH Center of Excellence: Applied Science Academy

Sekolah Pelita Harapan launched the Applied Science Academy in August 2018. This academy is an enrichment program for grade 10 to grade 12 students who have a passion for science. We aim to empower and nurture our student scientists by providing them with an authentic exposure to research environments for scientific exploration.

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SPH Center of Excellence: Applied Science Academy, 2019/2020 enrollment application open for grade 9, 10 & 11 students, limited seats.

Student enrollment requirement:

  • Students must be fully enrolled in the IB program (MYP or DP) to join this program.
  • Students must meet the criteria relating to proven ability and interest in science.
  • This program will develop strong partnerships with the UPH science research faculty as well as faculty from international institutions. UPH will provide lecturers as the students’ mentor.

Enrollment information: +62 21 546 0234 or

Interested in our program?
This summer, SPH will hold a short term Applied Science Academy Program.
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