SPH Students’ Outstanding Achievement in SMAN 8 MUN

Congratulations! Grade 12 SPH Students' Achievement in 8 MUN 2017

Four of our Grade 12 SPH Lippo Village Students, Nick, Shaun, Franklin and Kelsey, represented SPH in SMAN 8 Model United Nations (8MUN) on August 27-28, 2017. We are grateful that they had such an outstanding performance and achievements:

  • Nicholas Ariel Tjandra: Best Delegate in the UNSC committee
  • Shaun Alexander Latip: Outstanding Delegate in the UEFA committee
  • Franklin Ribli: Best Delegate in the WIPO committee
  • Kelsey Cara Clarke: Outstanding Delegate in WIPO

Model United Nations, known as MUN, is a competition for students where they role play being delegates of various countries in a simulation of a United Nations conference. It is an extra-curricular activity, organized by a high school or a college MUN club. Throughout the process, MUN teaches students about international relations and diplomacy and it also involves researching, writing, public speaking, negotiating, and debating skills.

This year, SPH students participated in the MUN conference conducted by SMAN 8, Jakarta, also known as 8MUN. 8MUN is an annual event by SMAN 8 as one of the MUN platforms for junior and senior high school students from across Indonesia. The theme for this year’s 8MUN was “Embracing Diversity as the Core of Progress”. There were 3 councils in the conference:

  1. UNSC (United Nations Security Council): Addressing the North Korea issue
  2. UEFA (Union of European Football Associations): Abolishing discriminatory practices in football
  3. WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization): Fighting illegal copying of protected property

Each SPH student who joined this competition was assigned to represent a particular country within the scope of each committee. Nicholas  Tjandra represented North Korea in UNSC, Shaun Latip represented The Republic of Macedonia in UEFA, and Kelsey Clarke represented Greece in WIPO.

Each student faced challenges, starting from the preparation – the research process about each country they were representing. They knew little  about the issues in each country but after they engaged in  thorough research about each country, they learnt much and eventually overcame the challenge. For example, Nicholas, represented North Korea, admits that it was challenging to represent a country and to make peace settlements from such a bad position. All of them were able to overcome every challenge they faced, boost their confidence and develop their skills.

“It definitely augmented our confidence in speaking and  our ability to think on our feet. I think through this MUN experience or debating events, you really develop your confidence. And even if you say something wrong or maybe inaccurate, it is okay. That’s why we learn,” said Nicholas.

“As well as increasing our public speaking ability, I think another thing that I learned from MUN is the ability to negotiate with people. You need to know how to deal with people, you may have to deal with people who disagree with you. Basically, it’s a diplomacy skill,” Shaun added.

“MUN is different from other competitions. It is about initiative. In MUN nobody forced me to speak, you can speak as much or as little as you want. So it  definitely teaches you a lot about initiative; how much you are willing to be involved. One thing I learnt is that people usually have great ideas, but they are too scared to share them. When you take the initiative to make a speech, even if you are unsure, it really builds a lot,” said Kelsey.

All of them agreed that the public speaking skill is something that everyone should have, regardless what major or future career path they want to take. These are the skills that everyone needs in everyday life. Furthermore, the ability to do research and to be well-informed about global issues are also important to make us more knowledgeable and not to be ignorant about what’s going on.

This cannot be separated from what SPH has taught them;  how subjects provides them with case studies that broaden their knowledge, or how their teachers promote an environment conducive to discussing a certain issue and so on.

“And the thing I appreciated from the IB Curriculum is the skill we learned. I think compared to other schools, we are more engaged with discussion in class, so the environment here is more open to question,” said Shaun.

SPH appreciates the God-given talents and skills that students have and encourage them to develop them more by participating in extra-curricular activities such as debating, MUN, and many others. We once again congratulate our students who achieved outstanding results in 8MUN this year, and we hope that what they have learned here will impact their lives beyond school. (IA)


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