SPH 2018 Professional Development Day: Transformation by Design

From Thursday to Friday on 8-9 November 2018, Sekolah Pelita Harapan held the two-day Professional Development Day for all teachers and staff from SPH 5 campuses. The first day of Professional Development Day began with a powerful devotion by Mr. Phillip Nash about how we should balance between truth and grace, by putting the cross of Jesus as our vantage point.

We should show God’s mercy to the students (and everyone) without abandoning truth, holiness and righteousness. We, as God’s ambassadors, also ought to act out his kindness and speak the truth to the world.

After Mr. Phil’s devotion, teachers participated in an intensive workshop and delved into the concept of “Transformation by Design” — how Christian teachers intentionally teach Christian values in our daily teaching practice, thus education is transformational, not only informational. Teachers are challenged once again on how to integrate a Christian-transformational values in every Unit of Inquiry that they teach.

The admin staff also had a workshop about the true nature of Christian education. Although the admin staff are not dealing directly with the students, they also need to be reminded again about what this school stands for. On the second day, the admin staff were also encouraged to pursue excellence so that they can provide an excellent service through everything that they do.

We are so grateful for this two-day Professional Development Day. We believe that PD Day is highly important to enhance the quality of our education.