SPH Cup 2019/2020
When : 26 September 2019
Location : Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village
Contact :

021-546-0234 EXT. 114502

Time : -

SPH Cup is an inter-school sports competition. Every year, SPH Lippo Village invites, not only the SPH community of schools to participate but also other schools around Tangerang and greater Jakarta. SPH Cup this year will start on September 2019-April 2020. Students from Junior School (SD), Middle School (SMP), & High School (SMA) compete in various kinds of sports including badminton, basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

The winners of SPH Cups will receive generous prizes that include sports equipment to support their school’s physical education program. Through this SPH Cup tournament series, student-athletes get the opportunity to demonstrate a sporting spirit and practice their sports skills in a friendly and fun environment.

Register your school in this year’s SPH Cup 2019-2020!


Get the invitations here:

Junior School SPH CUP Invitation (English)

Senior School SPH CUP Invitation (English)

SD SPH CUP Invitation (Bahasa)

SMP SPH CUP Invitation (Bahasa)

SMA SPH CUP Invitation (Bahasa)


Get the registration forms here:

Registration Form SD SPH Cup

Registration Form SMP SPH Cup

Registration Form SMA SPH Cup