SPH Holds Its First Virtual University Fair Opened to the Public

Every year, Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) is set to impress with its connections to the world’s best universities during its annual University Fair. This year, SPH held its first Virtual University Fair (Unifair) and opened it not only to the SPH community but also to all students across Indonesia.

On October 6-7, 2020, SPH brought more than 40 world-class universities to parents, junior high students, and high school students, who were given the opportunity to meet and chat with direct university representatives. Some of the universities who joined this year’s Unifair included Boston University, University of California-Riverside, King’s College London, University College London, Emory University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Monash University, University of Leiden, and many more.

The event also featured workshops on how to apply to universities around the world, how to prepare academically for higher education, and industry insights from education experts. These workshops were led by SPH’s Counsellor Team Leader, Angeline Ang. Many parents and students benefited from both the Meet & Chat sessions and workshops. (Find the testimonies below)

The event is right in line with SPH’s academic track record of sending students to some of the world’s most respected universities. 95% of graduates from SPH pursue tertiary studies outside of Indonesia in top tier universities. Acceptances annually include universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California Los Angeles, Columbia University, and The University College London and King’s College.

SPH has adopted the IB curriculum across its schools for the final grades 11-12, and it is well known that the IB diploma programme is seen as a proverbial passport for international higher education as it develops important skills needed to thrive at university. The International Baccalaureate programme aligns with SPH’s core values, where the academic development of each child is of paramount importance alongside the development of strong character traits, and the pursuit of truth.

As a Christian, IB school group driven by the pursuit of excellence, parents know that their children are supported to make a positive contribution to the world when they leave SPH.


“I joined 4 out of 5 workshops available, and they help me understand more about the university preparation for both my children who are in Grades 10 and 11. The workshops opened my mind to search for more university options to find the best fit for my children.” — Fiona Hadinoto, Parent from SPH Lippo Village


“The workshops helped me to have a clearer understanding of career counseling at SPH. Now, I am more convinced that my children are guided well to choose their major and university. I also got a thorough understanding of scholarship programs and affordable university options. I am impressed with the way Ibu Angeline presented the workshops. It was very clear and straightforward, and I could see that she is very passionate about this. Overall, I am really happy with the Unifair, and I feel very blessed that SPH provides this program.” — Sisilia Tjandra, Parent from SPH Lippo Village


“SPH’s virtual university fair was a true success! It allowed me to broaden my horizon and consider places that I would have initially ignored. The best thing about it was the way that it was organized. Having one-on-one conversations with the representatives allowed us to gain a better understanding of what the university was really like, and being able to hear the answers to other questions being asked provided clarity as well.” — Gautami Dubey, Grade 11 Student from SPH Lippo Village


“I joined the second and third workshops on the first day. Overall, I’d say the SPH Unifair was successful in broadening my horizons regarding certain university topics. All the questions I asked were replied to with deft, and I have received lots of vital information that will most definitely aid me in the future. Would join again.” — Jose Wijaya, Student from SPH Lippo Cikarang


“We strongly believe in preparing and planning ahead, the same goes for our children’s higher education. The SPH Virtual Unifair provided an ample amount of information from universities & representatives all over the world. The advice from both workshops and sessions help us to instill and develop our children’s interests also properly plan our financial decisions. It was two days well-spent and we look forward to more sessions in the future. Really appreciate SPH for arranging such a unique education fair experience.” — Johan Fanggara, Parent from SPH Pluit Village