SPH HOME-BASED LEARNING: 7 Tips for an Effective Home-based Learning

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) has started its home-based learning for all students since March 16, 2020. Until today, we have received wonderful feedback from many parents and their children on how they are excited about this new method of learning.

We know it’s not preferred and that it may be a struggle for some students and families. Our teachers are working hard to help overcome the challenges for each child and family. We recognize there are limitations and challenges for each home as we take the roles of remote students and supporting parents.

We thought these tips may be useful as you tackle the current necessity of home-learning:

1) Set tangible goals and fixed working time for yourself and with your teachers


Goals and a fixed schedule daily reduce some of the stresses as we start home or distance learning. Without clear goals and a planned workplace and fixed time, it is easy to lose sight of the learning process.

One of the home-based learning schedule set by a Grade 2 teacher at SPH Lippo Village

2) The key is to success is following your teacher’s instructions and being consistent with communication and engagement with teachers


Students and parents must constantly communicate with teachers to maximize productivity and minimize stress, especially for younger children.

SPH Lippo Village Kindy Teacher is having a teleconference with both students and their parents. 

3) Use alarms and calendar reminders to keep track of the schedule(s).


If you have trouble managing your time or have more than one child to support, setting an alarm on your phone or reminder in your phone calendar will help you stay organized.

Example of Google Calendar with its personal reminder feature

4) Minimize unnecessary distraction; for younger children (as necessary), parents need to monitor online activity


Distractions are the worst enemy in home learning. Commit yourself to not watch or play other things before you finish your schoolwork. Parents help with monitoring their younger children keeps distractions at a minimum.

An SPH Sentul City student focuses on her learning. 

5) Don’t exhaust yourself, take age-appropriate breaks.


Like in a real school, we all need breaks. Especially looking at the screen for a long time can exhaust our eyes. Taking a break at least every 1-2 hours is necessary.

Example of a one-day schedule for home learning made by an SPH LV Grade 4 teacher which includes several breaks such as active and snack break

6) During break time, try to do offline activities that are not engaged with a screen or gadget


When working online already, it’s important to take a break by avoiding another gadget. Playing video games or scrolling through your social media isn’t much of a break! Try to do hands-on activities such as exercising, doing fun games, cooking, drawing, or reading books — or maybe even take a short nap.

One of SPH Lippo Village students who took her break time to cook for her lunch.

7) Last but not least, exercise gratefulness to God and pray for a fruitful learning experience through daily prayer and devotion.


Make the most of this time to get closer to God. This is not an easy time for any of us, so it is very important to think and meditate on Bible passages that remind us God is in control and faithful. He will help us get through this time and He can give us strength and focus.

Two of SPH Lippo Cikarang students (left: reading the Bible, right: writing a Bible verse)

SPH Pluit Village teachers are praying together during their home-learning preparation

Our teachers are ready and want to help you too. Feel free to consult them with any of the challenges that you face daily! They miss you and want this time to be one of growth as we learn together. Have a happy home learning!

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