One Decade of Standing Firm as the Beacon of Light & Hope in South Jakarta

“The LORD has done great things in us, and we are filled with joy.” (Psalm 126:3)

At the beginning of 2020, the SPH KV community celebrates its 10th anniversary to commemorate God’s goodness and blessings for them until today. The founder of SPH, Dr. HC. James T. Riady, SPH leaders from all campuses, and the first Head of School of SPH KV, Mr. David Michel, attended the celebration. Some of the most prominent leaders of Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan (YPPH) also came to the event. Dr. (Hon) Jonathan Parapak, Chairman of YPPH, delivered an encouraging speech that mentioned God’s grace upon grace towards our school. He also reminded the community to stay true to our mission to provide a transformative, holistic, Christian education. The community also specially acknowledged the pioneer teachers, staff, students, and parents who have been at SPH Kemang since 10 years ago.

SPH KV Former & the First Head of School, Mr. David Michel & SPH KV Administrative Principal since 2010, Ibu Daisy Hudono

SPH KV Former & the First Head of School, Mr. David Michel & SPH KV Administrative Principal since 2010, Ibu Daisy Hudono

SPH KV Pioneer Students, Parents, Teachers, and Staff

“A Sweet Reunion”: Mr. David Michel & Some of SPH KV Pioneer Teachers who have been Teaching for the Past 10 Years

After the 10th Anniversary Celebration event, SPH KV also held the Family Fun Day that was still a part of its anniversary celebration. As one of the most awaited events at SPH KV every year, this year’s Family Fun Day was even more special with more parents, students, and teachers participated in various fun activities. There was the iconic Bollywood dancing performance by SPH KV moms, a fashion show by parents and teachers, and many fun games. We are grateful to God for such a tight-knit and uplifting community SPH KV has!

As Mr. Mark Thiessen puts it, we believe that SPH KV will continue to carry its vision and mission to this generation. We also pray to see many graduates who will bring restorative redemption to the nation, and even to the world. SPH Kemang Village started 10 years ago on a high rise building with a multistory of 17,000 m2 facility. We hope that SPH KV will not only stand tall in a high-rise building but most of all, it will continue to stand firm as the beacon of light and hope for the next 10 years and even more years to come.

Happy 10th Anniversary, SPH KV!

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