Once Again, SPH Kemang Village Student Achieved Impressive Results in the World Schools Debating Championship 2019

  Cassia Tandiono from SPH KV (third from the right). Judah Purwanto (far left) from SPH LV also joined as an observer

Cassia Tandiono (SPH Kemang Village student) has been recognized as a prolific debater once again. After joining the World School Debating Championship (WSDC) 2018, she once again competed with the Indonesian debate team in this year’s WSDC. The Team had an outstanding competition, finishing as the 5th Best ESL* Team, with an overall ranking of 12th out of 63 participating countries worldwide. This is the first time Indonesia was ranked in the top 20!

This year’s WSDC was held July 24 to August 1, 2019, in Bangkok, Thailand. WSDC is a global competition for national high school debate teams with more than 60 different countries regularly participating. National teams debate on various topics set by an international panel of experts at this global debate tournament.

Cassia was part of last year’s WSDC National Team competing in Zagreb, Croatia. Last year’s team was recognized as the 4th Best EFL Team!

She also has competed in various debate competitions over her years at SPH and has won:

  • 2nd Place in the Young Thinker’s Trophy with SPH KV Debate Teams
  • Best High School Category in the Fiscal Debate of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Best Speaker in the SMAK 1 Cup and Eagles Debate Cup, and many more

Cassia is the leader of SPH KV Debate Club and she shared how this club has grown and become better each year:

“The most exciting part is that we got to send two teams this year, a huge growth since last year when we sent one team of just three people…. I’m happy about the growth and sustainability of this activity at SPH Kemang Village.”

She has clearly shown her skill and finesse in debating. Other than Cassia, there are many students at SPH who also thrive in their debating skills. Our well-known reputation in debating is a combination of our students’ hard work honing their skills and our rigorous IB curriculum that stimulates students to think critically, to be outspoken, to ask probing questions and challenge views, and to stand on their own in this fast-paced arena of presenting and defending ideas.


 *) EFL stands for English as Second Language, and it is a category aimed for non-English speaker countries or countries with English as the second language

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