SPH Kemang Village Student-Led Production: Fro$en, A Frozen Parody

Who does not like Disney’s “Frozen”? Frozen is one of the most all-time, beloved Disney animations about sisters, Elsa and Anna, on a journey of self-discovery and finding true love. Early in the new year, Sekolah Pelita Harapan Kemang Village performed a twisted version of the musical Frozen. They called their comedy version “Fro$en”.

“Fro$en” was an independent, student-led production which was planned, arranged, directed, and performed completely by students. Jemima Tobing (Grade 12) had initiated this production almost one year before and in the process she asked her friend, Keren Ryant to join her. Both Jemima and Keren acted as the director – they wrote the script, chose the actors and actresses and plan almost everything.

Their strong commitment and hard-work in making the production were inspirational and influential to their classmates and formed the core group of the committee. So the core group consisted of Febri Daneswary, Hannah Nielsen, Jemima Tobing, Kayra Dermawan, Keisha Zefanya, Keren Ryant and Thuraia Kayla. Besides of the core group, there were also production crew, choreographer, heads of set and props, heads of costumes, head of sound and light, head of documentation, stylist and ticketing. Mr. Joel Holmes and Ibu Roselta Anggorosari, SPH KV teachers, served as the supervisors. The whole process required much hard work and great teamwork from everyone who was involved.

Besides planning for the performance side, students also had to manage the administration side of putting on a performance including, finding sponsors, promotion, publication, and selling tickets. Students not only learned some really valuable skills through the process they also donated fifty percent of the ticket sales to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation which is engaged in providing health facilities for children. We are grateful that our students have used their God-given talents in theatrical arts in order to give something back to the school community as well as extending God’s love to those in needs.

By the end of the show, everyone could see that the students’ hard work had definitely paid-off. Everyone really enjoyed the show, and we could feel the strengthening of the bond within SPH Kemang Village community. Through this activity, we witnessed the incredible power of working hand in hand. A commendable effort and strong teamwork among our students, parents, teachers, and staff is an amazing testament of our school theme ‘Better Together’. To God be the glory!