SPH Lippo Cikarang Gr. 6 Exhibition: “Powering Our Lives”

This year’s SPH-LC Gr. 6 Exhibition theme is taken from the topic of Global Perspectives, “Powering Our Lives”. It was about promoting wise energy consumption and increasing the awareness of renewable energy sources such as solar power, hydropower, wind power, and waste-to-energy power that can be used to support lives and keep the environment safe.
This exhibition was an integrated work of interdisciplinary subject areas involving Social Science, Science, Math, English, Information Technology, and Arts. It was a learning combination of electricity, geometry, digital advertising design, and report writing.
Teachers divided the students into different groups and assigned each group to make a display from the knowledge they had gained. They built a model of a power plant that utilized their mathematical skills to design their ‘Geometrocity’. Their electronic skills were used to assemble components of electric circuits and their communication skills to demonstrate their conceptual understanding.

They also created an advertisement that involves persuasive strategies, technical video-making skills, cinematic effects, and entertainment points of view. In the end, each group worked collaboratively to compose a group report. In the report, they had to write several important things such as the knowledge they had learned and the problems that they tried to solve. Their actions, the skills used and personal reflections towards their entire work were also included.
At such young age, these students developed their analytical skills by interpreting data on energy use as well as making suggestions on how energy consumption can be reduced. They now know that many still rely on non-renewable energy sources.
We praise God for our Grade 6 students for their level of creativity, critical thinking, and passion for saving the environment.

(Maria Inten, SPH LC Gr. 6 Teacher)


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