SPH Lippo Village Parenting Program: Daddy & Me

In metropolitan cities like Jakarta, fathers are often so caught up with all the hustle-and-bustle of career life, they have difficulty finding time for their children. Even when they arrive home, they are often so tired that its hard to find the energy to work at building a close relationship with their children.

The Daddy & Me program aims at rebuilding intimacy and warmth in the family, especially the relationship between fathers and their children. As an educational institution, we believe that children need to grow holistically, not just with academic excellence or achievements, but also with a strong family foundation and healthy relationships with their parents. On top of that, we hope that through this event, many fathers are reminded again of their God-given role to lead the whole family in God’s way, where everyone in the family can experience God’s love and flourish.

Daddy & Me began with talk shows and sharing sessions that were divided into groups: fathers, mothers, teenagers and younger children. The children wrote a letter for their father, and after that the fathers and children had a special time together letter, pouring out their hearts openly and building a warm bonding time. Finishing their heart-to-heart time, fathers and children gathered in the field for many exciting games. The most compact father and children team got a prize.

The program closed with a family lunch together. Lunch together is a very ordinary and common activity, but this time it is expected that parents focus on interacting with their children at the dining table – gadgets are prohibited to be used.

This short program has blessed fathers, and one of the fathers gave a testimony:

“It was a great idea for SPH to organise this event, allowing parents, especially Dads that normally spend less time with their kids, to spend some quality time together. I enjoyed every session of the program, starting from the talk which was very relevant and practical. The topic was about how loving God limitlessly was to teach the next generations to love God also. This is not an easy task but the tips and examples given were helpful. I appreciated the time I was able to spend writing a letter to my older daughter Shermaine. It has been a really long time since I last wrote her a letter. Thanks again to the organising committee for the time and effort. It was a special and meaningful day for me and my kids, which we were still talking about for some days afterwards. Well done to the team,” Steven – one of the participants.

Through the Daddy & Me Event, we provide an environment where all SPH Lippo Village daddies can experience how good it is to spend quality time with their children.