SPH Lippo Village Student Earned the Honorable Mention Award in Harvard Model Congress Asia 2019

Several Senior School students from SPH Lippo Village participated in the Harvard Model Congress Asia (HMCA) 2019, an annual event by Harvard University students. This year, HMCA was held at the National University of Singapore over three days, from January 4-6, 2019. There were 11 students from grade 10-12 who participated. One student, Victoria Rose Liando (Grade 10) was awarded an Honorable Mention.

Harvard Model Congress Asia (HMCA) is a government simulation conference organized by Harvard University students. At HMCA, high school students from many countries gather to simulate the government process as they play the roles of officials in the United States government and other international political bodies such as the United Nations and ASEAN. This is a global event where students from more than twenty nations work together to address challenges facing governments across the world, under the guidance of Harvard University students.

We got the chance to interview Victoria Liando to tell us more about her experience.

Can you tell us about your experience at the HMCA?

“For me personally, I chose the US presidential cabinet. Through that experience I was able to see the inside functioning of Donald Trump’s cabinet and to make policies about certain issues such as educational reform and even campaign finance. It was a very unique experience to see around five hundred students from all over Asia came together to talk and be passionate about big issues in the world.”

What values or skills did you learn and develop through joining HMCA?

“There were several values or skills that I took and developed when I was there. First of all, public speaking. Public speaking is something that I am not really comfortable with, so over the past few years, through participating in the Speak Up Club and other school events, I have had to learn to speak up about my thoughts and ideas. I also realized that if we do not speak up and not do something about it, then what is the point of living? Another important skill was to be able to collaborate with people I only just met. These students were from many countries like China, the US and many more. It was important to be able to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I also learned how to negotiate and compromise with others’ differences.”

It was a privilege for SPH Lippo Village to be able to send a team of students to this year’s HMCA, and congratulations to Victoria who earned the Honorable Mention award. Praise the Lord!

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