SPH Lippo Village Student Received the “Social Impact” Award from APEC Conference 2020

Carys Mihardja (Gr. 11) from SPH Lippo Village joined the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Conference virtually on November 12-13, 2020. She represented Indonesia with her independent, non-profit business called Carys Cares. Carys founded Carys Cares as a non-profit organization that empowers Down Syndrome individuals. Carys was the youngest participant in the contest but was awarded the Social Impact Award in the APEC contest!

APEC Conference is an international conference for women entrepreneurs from many countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The contest aimed to highlight the region’s best women-owned and women-managed small and medium businesses as well as promote women’s entrepreneurship. The event was supposed to be hosted in Russia this year, however, the pandemic changed the platform to a virtual event via Zoom conference.

Many inspiring women entrepreneurs worldwide joined this conference and Carys was the youngest participant. Here is Carys’s personal testimony:

“At first glance, I knew it was an unmatched opportunity and found it quite daunting to be one of the representatives of APEC economies and nominated for the award—especially as a younger nominee. In the event, when surrounded by women entrepreneurs and leading social impact advocates worldwide, none of the fellow nominees were domineering. Instead, they all created a supportive environment. The nominee from South Korea had an AI Technology she was developing, the one from China had a sustainable food supply chain enterprise, and there were many more. Our collective goal was to pay it forward towards the betterment of the world in our own way. This opportunity has been a stepping stone for growth, and I am grateful for it.”

At the age of 16, she has contributed to the world and created a positive impact for others by empowering many Down syndrome children through art and creativity. One of SPH’s educational outcomes is to educate world changers, and we can see how Carys has already started this through this project that she is passionate about. We are very grateful for Carys’s achievement & we hope that she can inspire you too! It’s never too early or too late to start change and make a positive impact!

Carys at Carys.Cares event with Down syndrome children