SPH LV Parenting Program: Bringing Our Children to Love God & Others
When : 18 September 2019
Location : F2 Chapel, SPH Lippo Village
Contact :

+62 21 546 0234

Time : 9:30-11.30 AM

A moment to meet, share and strengthen each other…


Bringing Our Children to Love God & Others

Learning to apply the good news of the gospel to every part of life


Come and enjoy fellowship with each other!

Speaker: Katie Pyykkonen

📌Katie and her husband, Travis, live in Wheaton, Illinois (30 miles from west of Chicago). They have the joy of being parents to six daughters, ages 3-13.

📌Katie is a full-time mom, also doing childcare part-time in her home for 2 families, some bookkeeping part-time for a small company.

📌Her passions involve leading their six daughters to love God and love others, leading small group with Travis in their local church, learning to apply the good news of the Gospel to every part of life, as a wife, mom, friend, neighbor, sinner, and redeemed child of God, and sharing in the joys and burdens of parenting with other moms the Lord brings into her life.

Moms in SPH would be blessed by her sharing on her walk with the Lord as a wife and a mom. So, let’s be there to be blessed.