SPH Pluit Village Students Awarded the Silver Medal at the Indonesia Orchestra Ensemble Festival

We are proud to announce that our students from Sekolah Pelita Harapan Pluit Village received the silver medal from Indonesia Orchestra Ensemble Festival (IOEF) held at Taman Ismail Marzuki, September 13-15, 2019. This is the first time SPH Pluit Village joined the IOEF. IOEF is Indonesia’s very first orchestra and ensemble festival, the largest in Southeast Asia. This was the fourth annual IOEF.

IOEF serves as a melting pot for young musicians to meet each other, grow together, compete in a fair and healthy manner, and form precious friendships among musicians and music lovers. It is a celebration of young talent from across Indonesia. By participating in the IOEF, our students gained valuable experience representing SPH Pluit Village among many other school ensembles. It is great for SPH Pluit Village to be part of this large music movement in Indonesia.

To be invited to perform at the IOEF, they sent a demo video of their ensemble performance. We praise God they were accepted and had this wonderful opportunity. The students were thrilled after practicing hard together before the day. They prayed and surrendered the results to God. This Silver Medal was beyond their expectations! God was gracious.

Andre Loong & SPH PV String Ensemble

Andre Loong, SPH PV ensemble teacher from Suzuki Music, was grateful for what the students achieved. He also mentioned that this would not happen without each musician’s commitment, as well as their teachers’ and parents’ support. SPH Pluit Village has a wonderful supportive community that allows students to thrive.

“We received a high score from a great performance with excellent technique. But a beautiful, heart-warming performance can only be produced from a supportive community and humility to keep learning and serving one another as a team. From this experience, students learn about collaboration, communication, and perseverance,” said Mr. Loong.

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