SPH Sentul City Student Earned the 2nd Place in an International Student Film Festival

Expressing Creativity during Quarantine

Valencea Joanna Sopacua (Grade 8 in 2020/2021), a student from SPH Sentul City, has earned 2nd place in the non-fiction category in the COVID-19 International Student Film Festival.  This student film festival was held by Sparta Public Schools in Michigan, USA. Due to the current situation, the event was held online where students submitted films that they have made during the quarantine. Each student who participated could choose to make either a fiction or a non-fiction film, as long as it was under 2 minutes.

Since the festival was held online, all the participants sent their work to the judges through personal emails or by uploading the film on YouTube. The due date for submission was on May 15 and the judges announced the winners on May 22.

Valencea did not plan on joining the festival; however, her Design Class teacher made this a part of a class assignment. Her teacher then submitted her video to the judges. She did not expect to win, but she was thrilled upon hearing the announcement that she got the 2nd place in the non-fiction category.

“The journey of making this video was fun but also stressful. I even woke up early to finish the video. I was more focused on getting a good grade than winning the festival. After knowing the fact that I won the 2nd place, it was totally a surprise and I got really excited!”

The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the way we do things. However, we are glad that it opens up many opportunities for students around the world to participate in something creative, even during this difficult time. We may be restrained physically due to being quarantined, but our creativity should still be freely expressed!