SPH Sentul City Students’ Impressive Ideas Earned the 1st Place in “Ideas & Solution Competition”

Three of SPH Sentul City students, Sairam, Amrita, and Patrick from the Grade 11, won 1st place in The “Ideas & Solution Competition” hosted by Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) on January 16, 2020. In this competition, the participants were given a specific topic of a problem and they had to come up with ideas of a possible solution to address the problem. The topic that Sairam, Amrita, and Patrick were challenged with was about traffic in the modern world. Before the competition day, they received the problem and worked together to propose a strategic idea to tackle the challenge. During the competition, they presented their ideas to the judges.

They chose to specifically evaluate air traffic – a topic that’s many people are not aware of, despite its devastating impacts. The judges liked their ideas to address air congestion based on their thorough use of data and statistics in the presentation. Amrita shared about her experience below:

“On January 16, Sairam, Patrick, and I went to represent SPHSC to partake in the final round of the “Idea & Solution Competition” at Universitas Pelita Harapan Jakarta, a competition that we learned about via Instagram. The “Idea & Solution Competition” was an eye-opener to the many different issues present in our world. We were assigned a major global problem and as a group, were tasked to come up with a variety of solutions to address it. Sharing the passion in discussing and solving major global issues, this competition served as the perfect medium for us to explore deeper and challenge ourselves further. With the help of our supervisor, Pak Okem, we felt confident the entire time despite the pressure we faced throughout the competition.”

Indonesia will always need young people with bright ideas that can bring tangible solutions to solve our country’s multidimensional problems. We see many potential students at SPH who have great ideas and are passionate to initiate change. We praise God for these students and continue to pray so that God can raise up a young transformative generation in the future.

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