SPH Sentul City Students Successfully Won in Three Different Competitions at National English Olympics 2018

SPH Sentul City students joined the National English Olympics 2018 at Bina Nusantara University (BINUS) and earned three awards from three different competitions. The students who participated were Charlize Forlani Nurmawan, Adrian Francis Irawan, and Kireyna Aurelia Santoso. The following is their achievements:

  • Adrian earned 2nd place in Storytelling Competition
  • Charlize Forlani Nurmawan earned 3rd place in Speech Competition
  • Kireyna Aurelia Santoso earned 3rd place in Newscasting Competition

The National English Olympics is an event held by the BINUS English Club (BNEC) in which high school students from across Indonesia compete in 5 fields of competition: Debate, Speech, Scrabble, Newscasting and Storytelling. This year’s National English Olympics theme was “Shaping Notions”, held on October 28th – 31st 2018.

The following are Adrian & Kireyna’s testimony:


“NEO is a competition where people from all over the country come to compete in different ways. From my perspective, it isn’t just about competing to see who is better, but about making friends. That is the perk I love the most about joining NEO. We not only support each other, but we also take each other’s minds off of the competition. I felt like I could be myself when competing since I am very expressive and I like to act as well. Usually in school, I keep the acting and expressing myself to a minimum, but in the competition, I am able to let go of any restrictions and just be myself. This is another good thing about the competition. Some people not only compete to get the trophy but also to experience a unique opportunity to let go of any social restraints that people might put on them in other situations. I can only achieve this because of the training I received from Bu Stephanie and Alexia, my coaches. They have taught me how to say certain sentences with emotion; how I should act, how I should express myself, and most importantly, how to be myself.” (Adrian)


“I am an introverted person. From a young age, I have always tended to avoid competitions and stay in my comfort zone. I still do today. However, I realized that I could not stay like this forever. If I continued to avoid challenges, I would never be able to improve myself. This school helped to completely change my perspective and outlook on my whole life, really. My friends and teachers have become an inspiration and I have often thought to myself, “If others can do it, why can’t I?”

NEO taught me that we are stronger than we think; that we are able to do things we never thought we would be capable of doing. We just have to set the right mindset and work hard to accomplish our best. There were definitely times in the competition when I felt hopeless and that I could have done better. But at the end of the day, I realized that it had never been about winning or losing. Instead, the competition was about the experiences, the people, and developing one’s own sense of achievement. That, for me, was the most important lesson I got from the experience” (Kireyna)