SPH Sentul City Students Won Double Gold Medals from Two International Science Competitions

Two of SPH Sentul City Grade 12 students, Amrita Wikara and Maria Dyandra Sucianto, joined two online science competitions and won Gold medals: International Conference on Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (ICSTEM) and the Perlis International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition (Pi-ENVEX). Held in Malaysia, both of these competitions were international events where various countries from around the globe participated in. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the events were postponed and finally went online in May 2020.

Amrita & Dyandra (a.k.a Riri & Dee) joined these competitions in the last academic year when they were still in Grade 11 and we are grateful that they received a double gold medal and a gold medal from both of these competitions. Their research centered on the topic of environment and renewable energy. The title of their research that they presented was “THE EXTRACTION OF AMYLASE ENZYME FROM FRUIT WASTE TO ENHANCE THE PRODUCTION OF BIOETHANOL FROM CARBOHYDRATE-WASTE”. Here you can find Dee’s wonderful testimony upon joining and winning these competitions:

“Ever since being exposed to various scientific breakthroughs, we got inspired to put our own ideas into practice. Riri and I started with a vision of a cleaner environment and to find the most abundant sources in our daily lives that we could transform into renewable energy. Of course, this did not come easy. On the first day, we set foot to accomplishing our goals required a brain-wracking session and tough criticism from lecturers in UPH about our ideas that were either too ambitious or too common. Afterward, it took us a whole week to involve in numerous lab experiments with a high level of complexity in order to acquire results we didn’t know would even work in the first place. Yet, with strong faith, we kept on sticking to our guts and we believed that there must be a reason for us to be doing this in the first place. We had deep-rooted respect for our planet earth, knowing well that the Creator put humans in it to take care of it. Our efforts bore a fruitful result; the data findings supported our hypothesis and made us very excited to present them to the world. Despite all setbacks, God helped and guided us until we reached the success of our experiment.

At first, we came with no expectations whatsoever of winning any competitions, but we were blessed to succeed in more than one, including ICSTEM and Pi-ENVEX. ICSTEM was a competition where we presented our findings by sending a video with our recording on it. Pi-ENVEX was a separate competition in which the full credit is due to Riri, as she created an A0 digital poster inscribed with details of our experiment from start to finish, on behalf of the team.

With God’s grace, we won golds for both of these competitions! A lesson we learned was that with enough effort, we don’t have to let our dreams stay as dreams. We will continue to be inspired, and hopefully inspire others to participate in our planet’s brighter future. Most importantly, we would like to emphasize that all these achievements wouldn’t be possible without the support of our loved ones, Pak Okem as our teacher supervisor, and God’s provision.”